Professional Guitarist, Drummer & Bass Player (Studio & Live) with full home recording rig.

Notable Highlights:

- Multiple world tours.

- Supports with Pixies, Killing Joke, The Fall, Everything Everything & More.

- Guitar/Percussion with Blossoms for Live shows, festivals, radio & TV sessions. 

Gear used:

Guitar & Bass gear: Various Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Danelectro & Hofner guitars.
Amps: Fender, Marshall, Ampeg
Pedals: Stone Deaf, Strymon, EHX, Boss, MXR plus LOADS more.

Drums: British Drum Co, Zildjian, Promark, Remo.

BLOSSOMS // Percussion

BLOSSOMS // Acoustic Guitar

AAAK // Drums

BLOSSOMS // Acoustic Guitar

STONE DEAF FX // Electric Guitar

BLOSSOMS // Acoustic Guitar

BLOSSOMS // Electric Guitar